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Feel empowered and birth with

confidence. Everyone deserves to 

be supported.

Explore our offerings, including childbirth education for expecting families, doula services, as well as resources and trainings for aspiring doulas.

Meet the Team

Founder, Educator & Doula

Amber Twyne
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Youth Mentor & Doula

Brittany Hopkins

Community Outreach

Kee Hopkins

Creative Director

Quan Kareem
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Amber teaches classes on a variety of reproductive health topics from tracking your cycle for teens to childbirth and lactation education. She also offers doula mentorship and ways to earn passive income as a birth worker. She's passionate about full-spectrum doula support for Black families, teens and LGBTQIA+ families.

Brittany is a traveling and virtual doula that wants to empower clients to know their options. As a youth mentor, she understands education is key and as Howard University alumni, is an advocate for Black students to attend HBCUs. She's passionate about restorative justice and breaking the school-to-prison pipeline.

Kee coordinates community outreach and vendor opportunities. She strives to bring the business and expansion to birth work because she understands that services mean very little if they don't reach the audience. She's passionate about encouraging our community to learn financial literacy and preparation for retirement.

Quan has an eye for aesthetic and visual storytelling. He curates content and develops strategies to reach our target audience because he understands the importance of connection through media. He believes video is king and in a world where over 90% of content consumed has video, if it's not recorded it didn't happen.



Amber was truly a blessing from beginning to end. I’m so happy to have had her as my doula for my 2nd pregnancy and birth. She helped each step of the way throughout my pregnancy and through the birth process. I felt so supported. I would recommend her services to any expecting or new mom looking to work with a doula. She’s amazing! Thank you so much Amber! - Taylor T.

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink


Amber Twyne was absolutely nothing shy of amazing! I was referred to her at about 32 weeks when I knew nothing about a doula and she ended up being exactly what I needed! She was a piece of my brain in human form. I’m a second time mother but Amber was able to teach and reassure me on things I’d forgotten about with my first baby 10 years ago. This go round I decided to have a natural birth as well as breast feed and Amber stepped in and made sure I had all of the right supplies and knowledge to be successful at both. She’s so patient and compassionate. There were times I wanted to reach out but didn’t want to be overbearing, but I never had to bc she always reached out on her own. There was no task too big or small for Amber. When I’d over worry or get anxious, she was always so calming. I could have never delivered without her. On top of all of her greatness, Amber was smart enough to pack a handheld fan to use during my labor. Smartest woman I know! Never would have thought to do so! (Little things like that she had covered, always). I couldn’t have delivered without that fan lol thank you Amber for being so genuine, true and an amazing soul. The world needs more Amber Twyne’s! 

It was everything for me sis ♥️ - Lauryn W.

Mother with her Baby


Amber was amazing! She went above & beyond for me and my family. She did way more than what was expected. I wasn’t even sure if I needed a doula and I am so happy I did get one and I chose Amber. She was so supportive and helped me and my significant other every step of the way. - Renee H.


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