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What We Offer

Smiling Pregnant Woman

As a birth keeper and reproductive health practitioner, I support people physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally during some of the most vulnerable moments in their lives, with the intent to nurture and provide a safe space to be supported. If any of these services could be a help to you, book a free consultation so we can talk!



Pregnancy & Birth Support

Providing information and tools for advocacy to help you feel empowered during each trimester. This service also includes attendance throughout the duration of your labor and delivery.


Fertility Support

For some, trying to conceive can be an emotional rollercoaster. This service offers in-person holistic remedies, energy healing sessions, discussing emotional and spiritual blocks to clear and physical reflexology to help bring the body it balance. These services can be one-on-one or for a couple.


Full-Spectrum Space Holding

Full-spectrum space holding includes a variety of situations where having a genuine and caring person to talk to in a safe space can make all the difference. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Considering abortion

  • Working through gender identity and expression

  • Grieving after loss

  • Working through past traumas

These sessions can be virtual, phone, text, or in-person. 


Postpartum Support

For the hours and days after delivery, to support your healing and practical help such as help around the house, meals, personal care, emotional check-in and more.


Post-operative Support

Gender-confirming surgery has a unique healing process that is very personal. This service includes in-person care to support you during the healing process mentally, physically, and emotionally with practical and spiritual care how you need it.


In-person Support

Full-spectrum in-person support covers many moments where having a safe person by your side is needed. This could be for specific events or support over a period of time. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Coming out to family or friends

  • Accompany during an abortion in the clinic or during the hours afterward at home

  • Supporting a teen tell their parents they are pregnant

  • and more

Amber was amazing! She went above & beyond for me and my family. She did way more than what was expected. I wasn’t even sure if I needed a doula and I am so happy I did get one and I chose Amber. She was so supportive and helped me and my significant other every step of the way.

Renee H.

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